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chelsea miller freedom march nyc

Freedom March NYC rapidly grew to become one of the largest youth-led civil rights organizations in the country.  Chelsea is often called on across movements to lend her voice at demonstrations across the world. Many of her speeches have went viral across social channels helping to spur the youth led movements of today. In 2021, Chelsea helped organize the largest student-led walk out in Minnesota state history. Chelsea has led and spoken at demonstrations that include reproductive justice marches, climate change actions, and racial justice protests in cities such as New York, Paris, Minneapolis, and Washington, D.C. 

Chelsea has worked with educational institutions through residencies and speaking tours, to help teach young people strategies around organizing in the digital age and connecting today's movement to the movements of the past. Partners have included the Smithsonian Museum, the First Amendment Museum, Columbia University, Yale University, Albany State University,
high schools, middle schools, and more. 

Interested in working with Chelsea? 
Though you can find much of Chelsea's work in the digital space through various campaigns and initiatives, her work has been grounded for over a decade in community organizing. In 2016, Chelsea worked in the Obama White House on criminal justice reform and urban economic opportunity. In 2020, after the death of George Floyd, Chelsea co-founded Freedom March NYC to organize non-violent protests, change the media narrative of the frontlines, and help sustain the movement by providing resources to frontline organizers.
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